Xspire Viking Method_zero gravity

Revolutionary head design
for a killer instinct on the greens


Putting is a strange part of the game, where experienced players can struggle and beginners excel. It is often all in the mind, especially on short putts.
The Muziik Xspire Viking Method Zero Gravity Putter helps turns all golfers into ‘assassins’ on the greens, so they can putt without feeling any pressure.



Perfect centre balancing for easy strokes


By locating the centre of gravity (CG) in the middle of the head and attaching the shaft at the same spot, a ‘zero gravity’ or perfectly-balanced stroke is easily achieved.
Additionally, the squarish head design increases the moment of inertia (MOI) for incredible forgiveness even on off-centre strikes.


Float face design


The putter face is designed to improve forward roll, as the impact point is slightly above the centre of the ball.
With minimal initial backspin, forward rotation starts quickly to keep the ball rolling on the target line. This helps golfers sink more putts regardless of the pressure faced during a high-stakes game.

Straight shaft and double bend options


In conventional putters, the grip is in line with the face which makes it difficult to see the face at address. This can have a negative effect on confidence, especially for golfers who struggle with short putts.
The straight shaft model allows golfers to be fully aware of the alignment of the face as they address the ball, so it is easier to start the ball online and make more putts.
The double bend model is a more conventional option for those who prefer the grip to be between the face and the centre of the head.

Variable weight system


The putter comes standard with two 15g stainless steel sole weights. 25g and 35g weights are available as options for those who prefer heavier heads.

Original Viking Method microfiber grip


The stock Viking Method microfiber grip has a thick lower portion and boasts a leather-like texture. The material is designed to prevent slippage even when putting with sweaty palms or in wet conditions.


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