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TurfRider Diamond Forged Iron


The coolest soft forged iron in Muziik history


They say a picture paints a thousand words and that rings perfectly true with the Muziik Turfrider Forged Iron.
Boasting a cool, eye-catching design, the Turfrider Forged Iron incorporates a host of precisely-calculated technologies to create easy hitting distance with superb feel. Additionally, each head weight is individually calibrated and managed for consistent performance throughout the set.



Diamond cut design with toe-heavy weight distribution

The diamond cut design of the head is thick on the toe side, which increases the Moment Of Inertia (MOI) from the shaft to produce an easy-hitting design. This also reduces distance loss on toe and open face mishits.


Undercut cavity

The undercut cavity construction of the head lowers the depth of the centre of gravity (CG) and expands the size of the sweet spot. Muziik employs CNC milling to ensure that the soft, forged feel is maintained.

Variable weight structure

The Turfrider Diamond Forged Iron comes standard with four identical 2g stainless steel weights. These can be interchanged with 4g tungsten weights and 0.5g aluminium weights to change the CG location and create the preferred shot bias.


S20C steel for soft, forged feel


Each S20C steel head is carefully forged to ensure superb feel and control. With precisely-calibrated lofts (e.g. 30° for the 7-iron and 42° for the pitching wedge), golfers can take dead aim for the pin especially with the short irons.

TurfRider Diamond Forged Iron