TurfRider Fairway Wood

易しいFW,ターフライダー FW

Easy to hit, turf-running monster fairway 

The full titanium construction and deep face of the Muziik Turfrider Fairway create extraordinary distance performance.
However, the exact specs that result in distance depend on the type of golfer. The Turfrider Fairway will appeal to those who enjoy easy-hitting clubs, generating fast initial velocity with a high trajectory along with great ball-catching ability off the fairway and even from the rough.



Forged titanium body with 2.0mm β-type face


A 2mm-thick β-type titanium face is attached to a forged titanium body. A stainless steel portion on the sole, affixed by three screws weighing 1.5g each, enables high trajectories with fast initial velocities.
The box-structured sole is designed to maximise energy transfer to the ball by preventing dispersion at impact.


Deep face and shallow back

The 36mm deep face is the highest face ever in a Muziik fairway, thus expanding the repulsion area and increasing initial velocity tremendously. The shallow back design meanwhile generates a high trajectory to make this an extremely easy-to-hit fairway.

Rounded head design


The rounded design of the Turfrider Fairway creates a 120% larger projected
area compared to the DF model.
This makes the Turfrider a real confidence-booster as it allows golfers to
visualise solid contact with easy swings.

Four loft variations


The Turfrider Fairway comes in four loft options – #3 (15°/±213g), #4 (17°/±215g), #5 (19°/±220g), #7 (21°/±224g).