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Nanotechnology protection


PGP Glass Coating provides truly amazing protection for your clubs with a hardness strength measured at an industry maximum of 10H.
The coating utilises the latest in nanotechnology to osmotically bind the glass solution to the clubhead at a molecular level. This is the first time that such technology has been used in the glass coating industry.



Advantages of PGP Glass Coating

High Strength and Durability 

The glass coating has a hardness index of 10H or more after curing. Ultra high-density glass particles form strong molecular bonds, creating a tough, solvent-resistant film that preserves the clubhead for a long period of time.

Anti Stain/Dirt-resistant

The 100% inorganic film repels dirt to create a self-cleaning effect, where all foreign substances come off easily with running water or even in the rain.

High Level Water Sliding/Water-repellent and oil-repellent

The film is also water-repellent and oil-repellent, which prevents water spots and oil-based stains from forming. This maintains the lustre of the clubhead well beyond normal expectations.

Anti Corrosion/Anti-rust

The PGP Glass Coating also prevents the clubhead from rusting or corroding, and thus can also be used to coat new unplated iron heads. Applications only need to be done once or twice a year depending on usage frequency.

High-gloss look and colour enhancement

The glass film fills the fine irregularities on painted surfaces, thus supressing light diffusion to increase the lustre of the club and enhance its colours. Such a beautified appearance will definitely increase the resale value.

Easy and Fast Application

The application of PGP Glass Coating does not require any special equipment, while bonding takes place in a short period of time.