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On The Screw Blue Icon II Iron


A soft forged iron that generates distance with easy swings


Soft forged irons are often thought to be difficult to hit.
However, the Muziik Blue Icon II Iron is a ‘super-practical’ iron designed for golfers of all levels.
The head has a semi-cavity back design and aluminium weights,
which redistribute weight to the sole for high and easy launches.
Large sole widths and strong lofts meanwhile increase distance across the set.
The beautifully-designed head comes in two attractive finishes, standard satin and black QPQ.


Semi-cavity back and aluminium weight


The semi-cavity structure of the head coupled with three aluminium weights low on the back redistribute weight to the sole.
This lowers the centre of gravity (CG) for high, effortless launches, while the extremely wide sole lets the head sit nicely on the grass for easy takeaways.


 Power rib structur

The power rib structure to the back of the head helps prevent energy loss at impact, thus dramatically improving flight distance performance.

 Wide and flat sole


The sole is 21mm wide and has a flat shape, which minimises common mishits such as duffing. Left-hand irons are also available.

                                                  On The Screw Blue Icon II Iron
#5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW

              S20C FORGED/PRECIOUS CNC MILLED+Alminium weight

23 27 31 35 40 45

60.5 61 61.5 62 62.5 63

258 265 272 279 287 295

On The Screw Blue Icon II LEFT


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