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飛距離性能とやさしさの両立、ムジークターフライダー アイアン

Easy-hitting iron with high trajectory distance

A good definition of an easy iron is that golfers are able to hit the ball where theywant it to go and with minimal effort. This is especially so for the middle and long irons, where many golfers struggle to get the ball airborne.
Enter the Muziik Turf Rider Iron, conceptualised and designed to fulfil the wish of golfers to play easy golf. Available in men’s and women’s models, so that both genders can enjoy the game even more with easy swings.


Low centre of gravity wide sole design  

The face height is kept as low as possible, combining with a short neck and wide sole to locate the centre of gravity (CG) really low


 Low center gravity and strong loft

low toe shape design with the low CG location,
Muziik designers are able to strengthen the lofts throughout the set to help golfers achieve high-flying distance with control.

Mens and Womens Line Up