On The Screw Deep Forged Wedge


Best spin and feel in Muziik history


Hailed as the greatest masterpiece in Muziik’s wedge history, the Deep Forged Wedge delivers superb spin and control with its thick body and narrow sole.
The advanced design and versatile sole will suit golfers with a steep angle of attack as it prevents the head from bouncing. CNC milling of the entire face and a copper under layer combine to create an extremely soft feel.



Deep body and narrow sole


Created using Muziik’s original forging mould, the Deep Forged Wedge has a thick body and narrow sole for excellent feel and control. The trailing edge is shaved off to further enhance feel.


High-bounce sole design

The sole is specially designed so that it does not bounce or twist at impact, thus dramatically reducing mishits especially for golfers who like to attack the ball with a steep angle.

CNC milling technolog


The entire face is precision-milled using CNC technology to generate higher spin for those touch shots around the green.



Copper underlay and chrome finish


    The two layers of copper and chrome finish further enhance feel for unprecedented bite and ultimate soft feel

Deep Forged Wedge 52°

Deep Forged Wedge 58°