Muziik 's masterpiece, Super Monster FW just arrived

Beautiful face, secure seating.
Adopted for maximum flying distance Lightweight carbon crown +811
titanium body face with beta titanium SAT2041.
Multi-composite design.
The extra weight created by the lightweight carbon crown


is added to the ABS resin
+ variable SUS weight screw in the sole
to add turning power to the deep center of gravity design.
The ideal trajectory is achieved with a gentle and catchy feel.
he image of a ball with a high parabolic trajectory stopping on the green
is created. Everything makes sense.
Super Monster FW has descended here.

飛距離性能No.1FWのモンスターFW,オンザスクリュー DF


Carbon crown and full titanium body


The crown is made of precisely engineered lightweight carbon.
The body is made of lightweight high-strength 6-4 titanium, and the crown is lightweight to reduce excess weight and lower the center of gravity.


 Turning force due to difference in specific gravity


The toe side of the sole is made of ABS resin, which has a low specific gravity.
On the heel side, a SUS weighted screw is placed, which has a heavier specific gravity.
This difference in specific gravity produces a sharp turning force with good traction.

SAT2041 beta titanium used for the face

The face is made of SAT2041β titanium, a material that was previously used in the popular first-generation On-the-Screw Hi-COR driver. This face material has already been proven to provide excellent feel, bounce, and rebound performance.
Experience a feeling reminiscent of the BLACK XSPIRE driver.


Original Sleeve

Original variable sleeve with non-rotating shaft.
Muziik's sleeve is an original design that does not rotate the shaft.
It can be used without affecting the shaft spine setting or the grip with backline.
Four loft settings: -1°, standard, +1°, and +2°.
Two lie angle settings: standard and DRAW (+1° upright).
A total of 8 combinations are possible


Headcover option

The dedicated headcover is sold separately. @4,000円 (w/o tax)