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Turf Rider Range Finder


The Turf Rider Range Finder is a simple laser distance measuring instrument from Muziik, designed for easy and convenient use.


Distance measuring devices have become indispensable when playing golf. It’s a simple concept … point the device at the target to measure the distance correctly and choose the corresponding club.
The Turf Rider Range Finder does that without any fuss and is capable of measuring distances with high accuracy even in the rain or at dusk. It takes into account elevation changes and also has a vibration function that notifies golfers when the distance is locked in.
The compact size of the device and hand-friendly ergonomic design make it easy to use and store. And Muziik's unique cover protects it from impact damage while on your belt or in the golf bag.
Finally, it’s an overwhelmingly cost-efficient way to dial in accurate distances from tee to green. You won’t need anything else!







Slope Function


高低差表示ができるスロープ機能搭載のターフライダー レーザー距離計

Golfers only need to hit to the distance displayed as elevation changes, whether uphill or downhill, are automatically computed.
Note: Since the Slope Function cannot be deactivated, the Turf Rider Range Finder cannot be used in official competitions.


Pin Flag Scan Function & Anti-Shake Feature

The Turf Rider Range Finder is equipped with a Pin Flag Scan Function that detects the closest object from the various objects along the target line (measurement targets). Meanwhile, the Anti-Shake Feature keeps the lens focussed on the target.




High-Resolution HD lens

The high-resolution HD lens operates effectively in all weather and light
conditions, including rain and in low light.



Simple Touch Button Operation
The Turf Rider Range Finder is super easy to operate at the simple touch of a button. It’s stress-free, which is especially important during a high-stakes golf game!




High-Speed Measurement & Vibration Function

Golfers just have to point at the target and the distance is measured almost immediately. The locked-in distance will be accompanied by a vibration notification.



Compact & lightweight body

使い勝手に優れたコンパクト& 軽量デザイン.
The Turf Rider Range Finder’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use, carry and store.
Size: 108mm x 72mm x 40mm / Weight: 170g



Detachable Original Cover

The stylish original cover can be easily attached to and detached from your belt.



Waterproof Design

This is especially important in tropical countries where it rains often.