Experience uncharted distance with the world’s fastest ball!

It’s no secret … if you break the rules, you can make a golf ball that flies to amazing, unheard of distances.
Enter the Muziik Corteo Gekihaya 42S Ball, designed beyond the boundaries of the rules to be the ultimate distance ball. Suitable for golfers with swing speeds of 42m/s or less, this revolutionary ball has seen distance gains of up to 29 yards in Muziik testing with average club golfers, including ladies and seniors.

Lightweight and smaller ball

The Corteo Gekihaya 42S weighs just 42g, which Muziik tests show is the ideal weight for average club golfers with swing speeds of 42m/s or less. This, coupled with a soft compression and smaller-than-legal diameter of 41.9mm, results in immense distance gains off every club.

Lightweight high repulsion core

The lightweight core increases the initial velocity of the ball, with Muziik testing showing average distance increases of more than 20 yards.

328 dual radius multi dimple design

The soft spin ionomer cover generates excellent feel around the greens, while the 328 dual radius multi dimple pattern increases carry distance through advanced aerodynamics.

Test Result
  golfer 性別  年齢 ヘッドスピード 結果
Aさん 男性   68歳 36m/sec  28ヤードUP
Bさん 男性   72歳 33m/sec  29ヤードUP
Cさん 女性   48歳 30m/sec  22ヤードUP
構造 カバー  コア ディンプル 生産国
2ピース構造 ソフトスピンアイオノマー   軽高反発コア 328 デュアルラディウス マルチディンプル 台湾